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Progressive School Library Media Program Award

The deadline for submitting nominations is December 15.  Click here to apply.  To nominate someone, click here.


Below, please find directions and information needed when submitting a nomination. All physical nominations should be sent to:

PO Box 2107
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Fax: 573-635-2858


  1. Please complete the background information in the order given.
  2. Type the application narrative using no more than 2 pages, singlespace, 1 side of page.
  3. Include all aspects of the school library media program requested in the application narrative. Do not send pictures, clippings, scrapbooks, etc. unless requested later.
  4. All application materials must be received by the MASL office no later than close of business December 15 (6:00 p.m. CT). Applications may be submitted via website, fax, or postal service. Any applications received after the stated deadline will not be reviewed.
  5. Three letters of support must be sent to the MASL Office: 1 from your supervisor, 1 from a teacher in the building, and 1 from a parent or student.
  6. The Awards Committee may request additional information about the program to determine a winner.

Information Needed

List the following information in the order given

  1. Brief statement of your library media center's mission.
  2. Name of nominee, title, home and work phone numbers, email address, fax number.
  3. Official name of district, superintendent, school building principal, school address and phone number.
  4. Names of those writing letters of support, titles, and information needed for personal contact of each.

Application Narrative

Write a narrative for each section. Sections should NOT be on separate pages. Narratives should follow one after another as numbered. The application narrative may not be more than 2 pages, single space, 1 side of page.

Section 1-Program Description and Execution (90 points)

  1. Summarize the creative and innovative aspects of the media program, making sure the following are included:
    A. Level and number of students affected.
    B. Background history about the program and the reasons for the direction it has taken and the changes made.
    C. Financial support sources and funding necessary for success of the program.
    D. Other library and/or community involvement, if applicable.
    E. Personnel responsible for implementation (LMS, aide, clerk volunteers, others).
  2. How is this program an improvement in comparison with other LMS Programs?
  3. Give specific examples of how this program has made a difference to students and staff members.

Section 2-Leadership (20 points)

Describe the library media specialist's role and that of others in the formulation and implementation of this program and in its success in the school's curriculum.

Section 3-Contribution to the Educational Environment (40 points)

  1. How is the school library media program unique, and how has it influenced changes in the school, the staff, and the students?
  2. How are information literacy skills integrated into the curriculum?
  3. How has collaboration among LMC staff and faculty impacted the program? 


Past Winners

Click here to view the list of past award winners.

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