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September 2012 Big Deal Book of Technology eNewsletter
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September 4, 2012
Timely reminders, fabulous freebies, best sites & more "worth the surf"
In This Issue
Grants, Competitions and Other "Winning” Opportunities
Free and Inexpensive Resources
Mobile Learning on the Move
"Worth-the-Surf” Websites
Bookmark These!
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Grants, Competitions and Other "Winning” Opportunities

Find the Funding That's Right for Your Needs
GetEdFundingis CDW-G’s newwebsite to help educators and institutions find the funds they needto supplement already stretched budgets. GetEdFunding is a freeand fresh resource, which hosts a collection of more than 600 grantsand opportunities culled from federal, state, regional and communitysources and available to public and private, prekindergarten throughgrade 12 educators, schools and districts, higher educationinstitutions, and nonprofit organizations that work with them. Thesite offers customized searches by six criteria, including 45 areasof focus, nine content areas and any of the 21st century themes andskills that support your curriculum. Once you are registered on thesite, you can save the grants of greatest interest; then return toread about them at any time.
Click Here toVisit Website
Show Appreciation of Exceptional Librarians
TheCarnegie Corporationof New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Awardrecognizes the accomplishments of exceptional public, school,college, community college or university librarians. Has a librarianmade a difference in your community? Nominate yours for the I Love MyLibrarian Award. Tenlibrarians each will receive a $5,000 cash award, a plaque and $500travel stipend to attend an awards reception in New York hostedby The New York Times.In addition, a plaque will be given to each award winner’s library.
Deadline: September 12, 2012
Click Here for More Information
Finance Creative Classroom Projects
TheKids in NeedFoundation awardsgrants to K–12 teachers to provide innovative learningopportunities for their students. Reviewers especially look forcreative uses of common teaching aids, imaginative approaches to thecurriculum or nontraditional concepts brought together for thepurpose of illustrating commonalities. Retail and education creditunion sponsors fund these teacher grants. Approximately 300 to 600grants ranging from $100 to $500 each are awarded each year.
Deadline: September 30, 2012
Click Here for More Information
Plus:Winning projects are put in the form of project ideas and publishedas The Guide toAward Winning Projects.The projects can be searched by grade and/or subject.
Click Here to Access Guide of Past Winning Projects
Capture the Work of Earth Scientists
Geoscientistsstudy Earth processes in action in many types of places—deserts,forests, mountaintops, rivers, ocean floors, underground, up in theair and in rural communities and cities alike. Whether they areoptimizing land use, harvesting energy resources, ensuring safe watersupplies or forecasting the weather, these scientists monitor naturalprocesses to help improve our lives. The AmericanGeosciences Institute(AGI) is sponsoring a photographycontest to celebrateEarth Science Week2012 (October 14–20).The photography theme for this year is EarthScience Is a Big Job.US residents of any age may enter the contest. To participate, theysimply capture evidence in a photograph to show the important workthat Earth scientists do in their community. The winner will receivea cash prize of $300, a copy of AGI’s Facesof Earth DVD, and hisor her photograph will be used on the Earth Science Week website.
Deadline: October 19, 2012
Click Here for More Information
Plus:The Earth Science Week website provides freedownloadable resources,in Englishand Spanish,to help students not only learn something new about the world aroundthem, but also have fun discovering why Earth Science is important tosociety.
ClickHere to Download Free Teacher Resources
Click Here to Download Free Student Resources
Foster Mathematical Insight, Ingenuity and Creativity
TheUSAMathematical Talent Search(USAMTS) is a freemathematics competition open to all US middle and high schoolstudents. As opposed to most mathematics competitions, the USAMTSallows students a full month, or more, to work out their solutions.Carefully written justifications are required for each problem. Theproblems range in difficulty from being within the reach of mostmiddle and high school students to challenging the best students inthe nation. Students may use any materials—books, calculators,computers—but all the work must be their own. Students’ solutionsto the problems are graded by mathematicians, and comments arereturned to the students. The USAMTS is a program of the Artof Problem Solving Foundation.The goal is to help all students develop their problem-solvingskills,improve their technicalwriting abilitiesand mature mathematically while having fun. The competition isintended to foster not only insight, ingenuity and creativity, butalso the virtue of perseverance, which is equally essential inscientific endeavors. Participants in the USAMTS are eligible forvarious prizes, such as books and software. Visit the website to viewcurrent or past problems, or to register (for free)for the contest.
Deadline: Register at any time; problems must be completed within one month after registration.
Click Here for More Information
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Free and Inexpensive Resources

Transition into a New Era of Teaching and Learning
ASCDrecently introduced the new, freeEduCoredigital toolfor educators implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) inboth mathematicsand literacy.The tool features a variety of formativeassessment lessonsand videosready for classroom use, including more than 20 formative assessmentmathematics lessons. Developed by the ShellCentre, these middleschool and high school ClassroomChallenges includeproblem-solving and content-development formative assessments onsubjects such as solving linear equations in two variables andapplying angle theorems. Useful plans, student materials, PowerPointslides and other materials round out the many mathematics resourcesavailable. The EduCore tool’s three templatesfor argumentation,informational and narrative teaching support middle school and highschool educators who are implementing the literacy standards in alldisciplines. Created by the LiteracyDesign Collaborative,each template offers secondary teachers fill-in-the-blank "shells”built from the Common Core standards that allow educators to insertthe texts students must read, writing students must produce andcontent students must address. In addition, the EduCore tool empowerscontent-area teachers to create their own tasks for students thatsupport engagement and growth within the CCSS. Related resourcesinclude videos that instruct educators on how to create their owntemplates and Microsoft Word templates teachers can use to developtheir own modules. Through a simple registration process, educatorscan access additional EduCore features, such as the ability to savesearches, organize tools and annotate resources. In the comingmonths, ASCD will provide additional mathematics formative assessmentlessons and sample literacy modules to further enhance this freedigital resource.
Click Here to Access Free Digital Resource
Explore the World with Maps
NationalGeographic’sMapMaker Interactiveenables users to create customized map displays in sixthemes—Physical Systems: Land; Physical Systems: Water; PhysicalSystems: Climate; Human Systems: Populations & Culture; HumanSystems: Political & Economic; and Environment and Society.Within each theme there are subcategories from which to choose. Forexample, you can select the theme Physical Systems: Land and thenchoose volcanic eruptions to display on your map. MapMakerInteractive also provides drawing tools and marker icons that you canplace on your map. Although you can’t embed your maps on a website,you can download them, print them and share links to them.
Click Here to Access Free Interactive Resource
Reflect on Who We Are As Americans
Theanniversaries of the terrorist attacks on the United States onSeptember 11, 2001, and the signing of the Constitution on September17, 1787, provide us an opportunity to examine our most fundamentalvalues and principles and affirm our commitment to them, as well asevaluate progress toward the realization of American ideals andpropose actions that might narrow the gap between these ideals andreality. The four lessonson the website of the Centerfor Civic Educationare designed to accomplish these goals.
Click Here to Access Free Lessons
Teach with Primary Sources
Thelatest issue of the Libraryof Congress’sTPS Journalfeatures resources and ideas for using primary sources to supportteaching to meet the Common Core State Standards. Along with thefeature article, "Primary Sources: At the Heart of the Common CoreState Standards,” the journal includes articles on Research onCurrent Thinking, a Teacher Spotlight and Learning Activities forElementary and Secondary. Read the articles online or download theissue in full from the Library of Congress website.
Click Here to Access Free Journal Articles
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Mobile Learning on the Move

Engage Students in the Democratic Process
LynnUniversity in Floridahas partnered with Apple’siTunes Uto create an onlinecurriculum intendedto help students learn about the October22 presidential debatebeing held on its campus. The plan is to focus and discuss foreignpolicy. The DebateCurriculum for Educationcan be downloaded at nocharge to anysmartphone. The civics activities—intended for students inkindergarten through grade 5—include mock scenarios, videos of pastdebates and fact sheets. Each activity is grade-level specific, andsome are linked to the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum isdesigned to help keep students informed and interested in thedemocratic process.
Click Here to Visit iTunes U
Deepen Appreciation of the Building Blocks of Our World
TheElements: A Visual Explorationlets students experience the beauty and fascination of the buildingblocks of our universe. TheElements is the firstof a line of ebooksfrom Touch Pressdeveloped from the ground up for the iPad.To read about tin, for example, students tap the tin soldier. To readabout gold, they tap the gold nugget. Immediately they’ll see thesample filling nearly the entire screen and rotating in a completecircle. Beside the rotating element is a column of facts and figures,each of which can be tapped to bring up rich detail and currentinformation. Students can examine more than 500 live objects from allsides. They can use one, two, three or ten fingers to spin as manyobjects as they like at once, and some objects can be "thrown” toset them spinning. Some pages also include live video clips ofexperiments showing interesting properties of the elements.Double-tapping any object brings it up full screen. Tapping againsplits the image into a pair of stereo 3-D images. Students can seeall 500 objects pop off the screen, and with the touch of a finger,they can spin the objects in 3-D. The app is available for $6.99 inthe iTunes App Store.
Click Here to Visit iTunes App Store
Blend Mathematics with the Animal World
TheiLiveMath Animals ofAfrica appfor the iPhoneand iPadhas more than 50 photos and videos of animals from Africa, with over1 million randomly generated math word problems. There are threelevels of difficulty for young readers from kindergarten to grade 6:Level 1—addition and subtraction with numbers 1 to 10; Level2—multiplication with numbers 1 to 50; and Level 3—percentages,mean, median, mode and range with numbers 1 to 10. Students canshare their question-and-answer summaries on the iLiveMathcommunity blogsite oremail the questions and answers to their teacher for review. Afterthey’ve answered a certain number of questions correctly, they canexplore related wiki links in a child-safe browser and watch funeducational videos in a child-safe view. The app is available in theiTunes App Store for $4.99.
ClickHere to Visit iTunes App Store
Click Here to Visit iLive Math blogsite
Plus:The iLiveMath Animalsof Asia appfor the iPhoneand iPadhas more than 30 animal photos, over 60 educational animal videos andeducational links combined with over 100 thousand possible questionsin applied math focusing on years, months, weeks, days, hours andminutes as well as related topics. There are three levels ofdifficulty, which can be set by the student and/or the teacher, forgrades 1–6: Level 1—addition and subtraction across beginningconcepts in time, such as hours and minutes, as well as basic math;Level 2—multiplication concepts across minutes, hours, weeks andmonths; Level 3—difference between years using the Chinese zodiacanimals. The app is available in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.
Click Here to Visit iTunes App Store
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Create and Share Computer Science Programs
Thefreeonline education site KhanAcademy has a newapproach to introducing programming. Based on a combination ofJavaScript and Processing, and intended to be a fun environment inwhich to learn, the KhanAcademy ComputerScience Tutorials arehighly interactive. The tutorials have been put together by a teamled by Khan Academy’s resident JavaScript expert John Resig, who isbest known as the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library. He alsobegan the development of Processing.js, the JavaScript port ofProcessing, the open source programming language that aims to getnon-programmers started with programming through the instantgratification of visual feedback. With the launch of the new computerscience tutorials, the Khan Academy has added to its collection ofmore than 3,300 online instructional videos in math, biology,chemistry, physics and other subjects.
ClickHere to Visit Website
Click Here to Access Computer Science Tutorials
Unite Technology and Teamwork in Real-World Contexts
TheTen80 Student RacingChallenge: NASCAR STEM Initiativeunites the United States Army’s keys to success—technology andteamwork—with the thrill of NASCAR, to teach students real-worldapplications of STEM. Developed by engineers and educators, thispractice league for future professionals is a hands-on, real-time,project-based learningprogram. Studentsmirror professional motorsports teams, engineers and greentransportation designers in their quest to optimize a 1:10radio-controlled (RC) car that has 14 million setup options. TheTen80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative also providesteachers and team coaches with a cross-curricular,national-based curriculum thathelps students develop complex job-related skills.
Click Here to Visit Website
Build the Systems of the Human Body
SpongeLabBiology’sBuild-A-Bodyinteractivelets students construct a human body, system by system. To build abody, students drag and drop into place the organs and bones of ahuman body. Each organ and bone is accompanied by a description ofits purpose. Students can build the skeletal, digestive, respiratory,nervous, excretory and circulatory systems. The Build-A-Body websitealso presents casestudies in whichstudents can read about diseases, disorders and other concerns thataffect the human body. Each case study includes a short descriptionof the concern followed by a question that students should be able toanswer after completing the related Build-A-Body activity.
Click Here to Visit Website
Get a Global View of Earth
NASA’sEarth Observatoryfeatures satellite imagery and maps depicting what is happening onEarth’s surface, in the oceans and in the atmosphere. The websitepresents a daily imagefeed that includes anexplanation of the image and its context. Some of the daily imagesare used for a monthlypuzzler challengethat asks students to identify what is in the image and when it wastaken.
ClickHere to Visit Website
Click Here to Access Puzzler Challenge
Plus:The Earth Observatory’s GlobalMaps collectioncontains 16 animatedmaps depictingchanges over time of sea surface temperatures, land temperatures,snow cover, rainfall, carbon monoxide levels in the atmosphere andmore. Students can play the animations online or download them asQuickTime files. They can also download the datasets that were usedin the construction of the animations.
Click Here to Access Global Maps
Track Fall’s Journey South
JourneyNorth is a freeInternet-based program that engages students in a global studyofwildlife migrationand seasonal change.K–12 students share their field observations with classmates acrossNorth America. They track the coming of fall and spring through themigration patterns of monarch butterflies, robins, hummingbirds,whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles, and other birds andmammals. They also observe the budding of plants, changing sunlightand other natural events. Find migration maps, pictures,standards-based lesson plans, activities and information to helpstudents make local observations and fit them into a global context.
Click Here to Visit Website
Plus:Students can take Journey North outside with the new citizenscience app for theirmobile device. They can report their sightings from the field, andthey can view maps, take pictures and leave comments. The freeapp is available for the iPad,iPhoneand iPod Touch.An Androidversion of the app will soon be available.
Click Here to Access Free App
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"Worth-the-Surf” Websites

Connect with Mathematics Teachers Around the World
TheAlgebra 4 All(A4A) SocialNetworkis an online community of educators committed to sharing resourcesand supporting one another in the practice of teaching algebra. Jointhe A4A network and use the Lesson Sharing area to gather resourcesfor your classroom. Share lessons, ideas and successes with otherteachers. Use the 30 instructional applets directly with yourstudents. Access many Calculator Tutorials for you or your students.Communicate with Network Moderators who are classroom algebrateachers actively supporting the site and its members. The networkwas created by MichiganVirtual University(MVU) to support teachers involved in the statewide Algebra 4 Allprofessional development project. The A4A Social Network is nowpublic. It has a worldwide membership and remains a relevant andviable resource for any mathematics educator.
Click Here to Visit Website
Turn Your Mailbox into a Box Full of Surprises
Anactivity called Postcrossinguses the US Postal Serviceto teach geography,history and languages. The first step in becoming a "Postcrosser”is to register on the Postcrossing website and request to send apostcard. The website will display (and send you an email) with theaddress of another member and a Postcard ID (for example, US-786).You then mail a postcard to that member. The member receives thepostcard and registers it using the Postcard ID that is on thepostcard. At this point, you are eligible to receive a postcard fromanother user. You are now in line for the next person that requeststo send a postcard. Where the postcard comes from is a surprise!Students can have up to five postcards traveling at any single time.Postcrossing has more than 326,000 members from 207 countries.Currently more than 381,000 postcards—606 postcards/hour—aretraveling at one time! Participation in Postcrossing is free,aside from the cost of postage.
Click Here to Visit Website
Plus:To help reduce its impact on the environment, Postcrossing regularlydonates to ClimateCare, which offsetscarbon dioxide by funding sustainable energy projects around theworld. These involve replacing nonrenewable fuels, working towardincreased energy efficiency and forest restoration. Check out thetipson this web page for ways that you and your students can help toreduce Postcrossing’secological footprint.
Click Here for Ways to Make Postcrossing a "Greener" Hobby
Examine the Arts Learning Picture
TheArts EducationPartnership haslaunched ArtsEdSearch.orgas the nation’s first researchclearinghouse focusedon the educational benefits that emerge when a student is given thechance to create, perform, learn about and experience the arts—inschool or out of school. In examining the full arts learning picture,ArtsEdSearch also provides data on how teaching strategies based inthe arts influence educators’ instructional practice and engagementin the teaching profession. ArtsEdSearch grew out of a need forhigh-quality, centrally located and user-friendly information on theessential role the arts play in developing students’ creativethinking, problemsolving,communicationand collaborationskills. ArtsEdSearchprovides research summaries—written in everyday language—on theimpact of arts learning on students’ cognitive, personal, academic,social and civic development, and offers objective analyses on theimplications for education policy.
Click Here to Visit Website
Encourage Children to Read More Books
Anew, free socialnetworking platform aims to encourage elementary school children toread more books. BiblioNasiumis a pilot virtualreading village forchildren aged 6–12 and their friends, parents and teachers. Thesite let young readers catalogue, share and exchange their bookrecommendations. It also offers reading-level-appropriatebook recommendationsusing the LexileFramework for Reading.To help ensure safety and privacy, parents or teachers register firstand then register their children or students for the site. Childrenrequire permission from their parent or teacher to add other users totheir network. Once logged in, users can search for books by title,author, category or reading level. They can also add books to theirvirtual bookshelf and recommend books to other users in theirnetwork. Children can track their reading in their personal readinglog, including the date, title, reading level, number of pages readin the sitting and the length of the reading session. Teachers canthen run reports on individual students, groups of students or anentire class to assess progress.
Click Here to Visit Website
Join a Professional Learning Community with Webinars
Overthe past year, edWebhas hosted more than 100 webinarson topics for professional development, including game-basedlearning, mobile learning, Common Core Standards, autism, technology,e-books, new teacher help, blended learning, and more. All edWebwebinars are archived in edWeb’s professional learning communities.Join a community, watch the webinar recordings, take the CE quiz, andyou’ll receive a certificate for participation. As a member of anedWeb community, you’ll be invited to future, freewebinars and will have the opportunity to connect with peers for ahighly engaging and interactive webinar with edWeb’s expertpresenters.
Click Here to Join edWeb Communities
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Explorethe WebWednesdayfeature you’ll findnew interactiveexperiences andresourcesthat incorporate 21stcentury themesand skillsinto the study of core subjects.
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