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Featured Presenters
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Featured Presenters

New for 2016, MASL has selected three premier educators to serve as Featured Presenters.  Each of these individuals will present three different presentations during the conference, and a brief description of each can be found below.


Bill Bass, Innovation Coordinator - Technology Integration, Information, and Library Media, Parkway School District

Digital Reading: What’s Essential?

Many of our students come to school with vast experience in the digital world but too often use digital tools in limited ways. How can we help to redefine reading to include digital reading and texts, support digital reading as part of our schools, and help teachers embed digital tools in everyday lessons? This session will explore how library programs can help our students recognize their expertise in out-of-school digital reading and extend it into the world of school as well as be leaders in an increasingly digital world.


Citizenship in the Digital Age

Technology has changed much of the world and has made us increasingly connected to a global society. Through efforts of organizations like Common Sense Education, librarians and teachers can partner to help guide students and build citizens of the digital age. Through this work, we can go beyond creating lessons on being safe online and help our students see how important it is to navigate the digital world and make good decisions when they leave our classrooms.


Beyond Survival: Reimagining the Library

Libraries in the digital age have clearly changed. Whether it’s implementing a Makerspace or supporting literacy, the librarian connects the dots for the school. Today's students need us to be strong leaders who understand the importance of transforming libraries into vibrant hubs of active digital learning. This session will focus on moving beyond survival mode and exploring what it means to be a librarian in the digital age.



Linda Dougherty, Northwest High School Librarian & District Library Chair, Northwest R-I School District


Round Up That Data with Google Forms

Round up your student data with Google Forms and Sheets.  Use Google Forms to create basic formative assessments such as exit tickets, reading logs, quizzes, and more. Challenge students with advanced assessments that include informational text, video, images and branching pages for differentiated learning. Take away how to corral student scores with Google Sheets and Flubaroo into charts for student data evaluation. Finally, use Google Apps to adapt lessons for learning centers, makerspaces or 1:1 instruction for all grade levels.


Digital Literacy 101

Delve into digital and media literacy to build students’ skills for the future. Selecting and evaluating resources includes more than online databases. Curate with digital tools from Pinterest, Blendspace, YouTube, and more to create collections. Teach students how they can curate their own research sources.  Build your media collections with free creative commons assets. Create multimedia projects by mashing apps on mobile devices to laptops. Come collaborate together on ideas for digital media projects.


Keep Calm and Carry On!

It’s not just surviving - it’s keeping calm and carrying on! Grow into a building leader for instructional best practices, professional development or technology integration. Share instructional resources with teachers’ PLC’s. Volunteer to present PD sessions locally.  Branch out into technology by becoming certified as a Google Educator, Microsoft IE, Common Sense Graphite, PBS, and more. Be the librarian voice heard at edcamps, Twitter or Facebook. Start building your PLN by joining the conversation today.





Kathryn Garner, Rolla Middle School Library Media Specialist and Lead Librarian, Rolla Public Schools


Googlifying Our Library: One Library’s Evolution to Google

Google provides numerous ways to give and share information with your library patrons, and it continues to evolve with changing needs. This session will explain how one librarian transformed the way Google was used in her library, including using a  Google Site for library information, Google Forms, Google Docs, and Google Classroom for library classes and maintaining her Mark Twain Award Club blog.

Capturing Their Attention in New Ways

As librarians we need to continue seeking new ways to get students interested in what our libraries have to offer. This session will focus on creative ideas that you can implement right away, including student videos and screencasts, Mark Twain Award Club, Summer School Mark Twain Class, School Themes Gone Wild, and Hot Chocolate Cafe.

Adapting to Patron Needs

Our students are growing up in a quickly moving information age, and we need to continue to adapt to their changing needs and make our libraries a place students want to be. This session will focus on how implementing ebooks and genrefying the fiction collection has made it easier for students to find books they love no matter where they are. Ways to use Destiny and Google to provide information to students and parents in new ways will also be described.

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