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2013 Spring Conference Advance Targeted Workshops
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MASL is offering 2 Advance Targeted Workshops held prior to the start of conference on Sunday, April 14 from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  These workshops are longer than the typical Spring Conference workshop and allow attendees to become more fully immersed in a topic.

They are a great way to jump start the conference experience!  Additionally, these are a great way for those unable to attend the conference due to weekday commitments to get quality, personal professional development.

Advance Targeted Workshop 1 - CCSS Literacy Strands: Using the Companion Texts to Anchor Learning, lead by Conference Keynote Speaker Cris Tovani.

Companion texts are short readings that can be used in conjunction with a required text. They complement assigned material and give students opportunities to read complex non-fiction. In addition, companion texts provide valuable background knowledge for more difficult assignments and nurture curiosity about a unit of study. In this three-hour session, Cris Tovani will share how she weaves in opportunities for students to improve their reading comprehension while giving students experience reading text from all four CCSS literacy strands. She will share how she has broadened the definition of text for teachers in her building as she take a unique look the CCSS literacy strands. Participants will have an opportunity to generate their own lists of companion pieces to share with classroom teachers.


Advance Targeted Workshop 2 - Common Core, led by Missouri education consultant, author, and former teacher Mary Kim Schreck.   

TAKING OFF THE TRAINING WHEELS—how librarians can help teachers and their students become empowered, independent learners through the CCSS who move from compliance to engagement.

To build independent learners at every age and level that are inquisitive, thoughtful self-starts, we need to empower them with the confidence and opportunities necessary to take responsibility for their own learning growth. This pre-session will give examples of steps that can be taken to help both teachers and students see that it is done and how common core standards and current research emphasizes the need for this shift.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will:

  • Participate in examining a unit that entices student choice in the creation of both an argument claim and a multi-text topic for a summative project
  • Examine a method of offering teachers and their students the tools to rate their own writing before and after revision using the Lexile Analyzer
  • Practice pulling out short passages from every day informational and narrative texts
  • Select fresh ways for teachers to enable students to mimic the formats of the Smarter Balance summative tests in their own projects

Each workshop costs $50 and can be taken for 1 graduate credit hour through Lindenwood (Please see Lindenwood's booth at the conference to procure
 credit hours.)

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