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Progressive School Library Media Award App
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Deadline:  December 15

In the content area below please type a brief statement of your library media center's mission.
Please complete the fields below with information about the individual being nominated for this award.
3 letters of support must be submitted: 1 from a supervisor, 1 from a teacher in the building, and 1 from a parent or student.

Please include their contact information below.
Upload a document (3/4 page) which summarizes the creative and innovative aspects of the media program, making sure the following are included:

A. Level and number of students affected.
B. Background history about the program and the reasons for the direction it has taken and the changes made.
C. Financial support sources and funding necessary for success of the program.
D. Other library and/or community involvement, if applicable.
E. Personnel responsible for implementation (LMS, aide, clerk volunteers, others).

How is this program an improvement in comparison with other LMS Programs?

Give specific examples of how this program has made a difference to students and staff members.

Worth 90 points.
Upload a document (3/4 page) describing the library media specialist's role and that of others in the formulation and implementation of this program and in its success in the school's curriculum. Worth 20 points.
Upload a document (3/4) page addressing contributions to the educational environment describing:

How the school library media program is unique, and how it has influenced changes in the school, the staff, and the students.
How information literacy skills are integrated into the curriculum.
How collaboration among LMC staff and faculty has impacted the program.

Worth 40 points.

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