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LISA Grant Application
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Please provide the contact information for your region president in the spaces below. Contact MASL if you need assistance.
For example: Region President, Co-President, etc.
The MASL Board will annually determine the amount available for the award of each LISA grant(s). Please limit your responses in each of the below sections to 250 words.
Provide a brief description of the program, needs, goals and how it will be evaluated.
Provide an explanation of the identified problem – include a description of the community that is in need and the gap(s) in service and programming that exist. Support with details.
Provide a timeline and a table/chart (can be attached separately, if necessary) with categories and amounts of expenditures associated with this event. Include the total cost of the program, the amount you are asking for, the amount you are willing to cover and where that portion of funding will come from.
Explain what the program will broadly accomplish and the measurable activities.
Explain if the program funded by the grant will be a one-time or ongoing expense. If it will be an ongoing expense, how will you continue to fund it?
Please check the appropriate box below to certify the following statement:

"I am submitting this application on behalf of my region, and certify that this is the only application being submitted for my region."

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