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ALA/MASL 2012-2013Emerging Leaders Program
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The application for an ALA Emerging Leader for the class of 2011 is now available online at  For the third year, MASL is sponsoring a candidate.


Emerging Leaders Program 2012-2013

Do you qualify?

  1. Be under 35 years of age or younger or be a new library professional of any age with fewer than 5 years of experience working at a professional or paraprofessional level in a library and
  2. Be able to attend both ALA conferences and work virtually in between the two conferences and
  3. Upon completion of the program, agree to serve as a MASL region officer.
  4. Be an ALA member or join upon selection if not already a member.
  5. The ALA selection committee seeks diversity based on geography, gender, ethnicity and type of library. Particular attention is given to candidates' personal statements as well as those of their references. No more than one person from any institution can be selected for participation in the program.
  6. Preference will be given to those who do not have experience working on ALA committees, task forces, etc. and to those who meet the criteria:

If you meet the above criteria then ALA and MASL want YOU!

Apply for the Emerging Leader Program

MASL will provide $1000 ($500 for Midwinter, $500 for annual conference) as required by ALA. Failure to complete the MASL requirements during the 2012-2013 year will result in repayment of the $1000 to MASL.

Upon applying to the Emerging Leader program, ALA will select a Missouri Emerging Leader (EL) participant. The Missouri EL participant must be a school library media specialist and a member of the Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL) or join upon selection. The Missouri participant will complete the ALA EL program in 2012 -2013 and upon completion, agree to become an officer at the MASL region level.

The Participant will make periodic reports to MASL during 2012-2013 by providing newsletter articles, posts to the MASL membership forum, workshop presentations and/or poster sessions.

Applying to the Program

Applications for the 2013 class of Emerging Leaders are now being accepted. Applications must be submitted online. Deadline for submission of the application and all references is August 1, 2012. Once an application has been submitted , people listed as references in the application will receive automated notices with appropriate links to complete statements of reference. All reference letters, letters of support, etc. should be submitted online by the same deadline, August 1, 2012. Note: The program is limited to no more than 50 participants.

The application can be accessed at:


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