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November 2012 Big Deal Book of Technology eNewsletter
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November 1, 2012
Timely reminders, fabulous freebies, best sites & more "worth the surf"
In This Issue
Grants, Competitions and Other "Winning” Opportunities
Free and Inexpensive Resources
Mobile Learning on the Move
Professional Development Opportunities
"Worth-the-Surf” Websites
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Grants, Competitions and Other "Winning” Opportunities

Inspire Students to Make a Collective Impact
WaysToHelp.orginvites teens in the United States to apply for grants to fund theircommunity service ideas across any one of these four issue areas: TheEnvironment; Democracy & Equality; Health; Community. Applicantsshould summarize, in 5,000 words or less, how the project willinvolve others, who it will help, what effect it is expected to have,when it will start and how the funds will be used.
Deadline: Grant requests are reviewed and responded to on a monthly basis.
Click Here for More Information
Educate Youth for Future Success
LockheedMartin providesgrants for K–16 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) education. The grants program includes Lockheed Martin’sK–12 STEM EducationInitiative, Engineersin the Classroom aswell as STEM-focusedcurricular andextracurricularprogramsthat provide employee engagement opportunities in a community inwhich Lockheed Martin has employees or business interests. All501(c)(3) organizations that deliver standards-based STEM educationto students in K–16 are eligible for an award. The amount of theaward varies.
Deadline: Applications are accepted year-round. Evaluations are typically performed quarterly. Some grant applications may not be able to be considered until the next year's budget cycle, particularly those received in the second half of the year.
Click Here for More Information
Enhance Students’ Writing Skills
Eachyear the College Boardrecognizes exceptional K–12 teachers for the innovative methodsthey use to develop their students’ writing skills. Grants of$3,000 each will be awarded to teachers who are doing an inspiringjob of teaching their students to write and who will benefit mostfrom a grant to enhance a successful project. The BobCostas Grants for the Teaching of Writingwas named for Bob Costas, the Emmy Award–winning broadcaster andauthor, for his dedication to the craft of writing and his generouspublic service work on behalf of the National Commission on Writing.
Deadline: Applications are due by November 21, 2012 for 2013 grants.
Click Here for More Information
Create a College-Going Culture
TheCollege Board’sInspiration Awards celebrateAmerica’s most improved high schools, those that have improvedtheir academic environment and helped their students achieve thepromise of a higher education by initiating unique programs andcreating partnerships among teachers, parents, communityorganizations and local businesses. Winning schools, selected by apanel of independent experts, are announced each spring. Threewinning schools will each receive $25,000, and up to five schoolswill each receive $1,000 honorable mention awards.Applicant schools must be secondary schools in the 50 United Statesor the District of Columbia. A minimum of 40 percent of the school’sstudent population must qualify for free or reduced-price lunches.
Deadline: Applications must be received by 5 p.m. (EST) on November 30, 2012.
Click Here for More Information
Hack Your School Green
Sponsoredby Youth Rock theRebuild andArchitecture forHumanity, theGuerrilla GreenSustainable Showdowninvites teams of middle school and high school students across theUnited States to submit their ideas for making their school moreeco-friendly. Ideas may range from a small change in a school gardento a new, crazy window system. However, this is not just an ideascompetition; it is also an implementation initiative. Winning teamswill be given cash to build or organize their ideas. The competitionhas three rounds. In round 1, The Elite Eight (best plan) willreceive $1,000; in round 2, The Final Four (best implemented project)will receive $2,000; and in round 3, Overall Winner (best scaledproject) will receive $10,000.
Deadlines:December 3, 2012 is the last day to submit ideas; the winners ofround 1 will be announced on December 10, 2012. Round 2 closes onFebruary 1, 2013; round 2 winners will be announced on February 8,2013. Round 3 closes on March 6, 2013; round 3 winners will beannounced on March 18, 2013.
Click Here for More Information
Supplement Your Stretched Budget
GetEdFundingis CDW-G’snew website to help educators and institutions find the funds theyneed to supplement already stretched budgets. GetEdFunding is a freeand fresh resource, which hosts a collection of more than 700 grantsand opportunities culled from federal, state, regional and communitysources and available to public and private, prekindergarten throughgrade 12 educators, schools and districts, higher educationinstitutions, and nonprofit organizations that work with them. Thesite offers customized searches by six criteria, including 45 areasof focus, nine content areas and any of the 21st century themes andskills that support your curriculum. Once you are registered on thesite, you can save the grants of greatest interest; then return toread about them at any time.
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Free and Inexpensive Resources

Connect Students to Public Policy Dilemmas
UnderstandingFiscal Responsibility(UFR):ACurriculum for Teaching About the Federal Budget, National Debt andBudget Deficitis a nonpartisan, research-based inquiry-driven curriculum developedby faculty, students, staff and alumni of TeachersCollege, Columbia University.The curriculum connects students to the complex public policy choicesthat confront the United States and its citizens. Students engage indilemmas that are central to grappling with these public policychoices and come to understand what more they need to know. While thedilemmas drive the curriculum, skills and concepts deepen students’understanding of the challenges. The curriculum, designed for grades7–12, is organized around these questions: What do the decisions wemake about the federal budget, national debt and budget deficitreveal about us as a people? How should we address our nation’sfiscal challenges today and in the future in a manner consistent withour values and traditions? The curriculum, which aligns with stateand national standards, incorporates books, primary sources,simulations, films and other visual and digital media. TeachersCollege, Columbia University, is distributing 100,000copies of the UFR curriculumfreeof chargeto interested teachers in every United States high school. Thecurriculum will also be made available to college and universityfaculty.
ClickHere to Request Free UFR Curriculum
Click Here to Join UFR Teacher Network
Plan the Way You Teach
CommonCurriculum is a newonline lesson planningresource that aims tohelp educators align their lessons to Common Core standards. InCommon Curriculum, teachers can enter their courses and write theirlesson plans. After entering a lesson plan into their CommonCurriculum planner, they click "search for standard” to findCommon Core standards that may match their lesson plan. If theirlessons tend to follow a particular pattern, teachers can createa lesson plan templatethat they reuse across their schedule. Each lesson plan that iswritten in Common Curriculum can be publishedto a blog with justone click.
Click Here to Access Online Lesson Planning Resource
Turn Outlines into Mind Maps
Text2 Mind Map offers away for users to turn typed outlines into mind maps. To create a mindmap, users type an outline in the textbox and then click "Draw MindMap” to create their map. If, after creating the mind map, theyneed to add more elements, users just add the information in theiroutline and click "Draw Mind Map” again. The mind map can bedownloaded as a PDF or PNG file. The map can also be shared viaemail, Facebook or Twitter.
Click Here to Access Free Online Mapping Tool
Create, Publish and Share Digital Stories
CreazaEducation offers fouruseful tools for creating digital stories. The videoeditor providesteachers and students with stock media clips and transition effectsfor getting started. Users can upload their own audio recordings,videos and pictures and store them for use in all of their videoprojects. To create a movie, users just drag media elements fromtheir library into the track for that media type. Rearranging thesequence of elements in their video is just a drag-and-drop process.The audio editorlets users record and mix audio tracks. Users can record directlyinto the audio editor or upload files saved on their computer. Inaddition, the audio editor has a library of sounds and music thatusers can mix into their productions. The cartooncreation toolprovides templates for getting started. To create a cartoon, userssimply drag items into each cartoon frame from the menus of settings,characters and props. They can also upload their own props from theircomputer. The mind-mappingtool for visuallearning, creativityand problem solvingallows users to include videos, pictures and audio files in all cellsin a mind map.
Click Here to Access Free Demo
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Mobile Learning on the Move

Track a Typhoon—in Real Time
TheLiving Earth – Clock& Weather app forthe iPadand iPhoneincludes a live 3-D simulation of our planet at our current moment intime, with global weather forecasts and world clock for millions ofcities around the world. Students can observe the changing seasonsthroughout the year and view snow and ice coverage as well as otherseasonal changes on our globe. They can view live global cloudpatterns and explore and experience amazing weather dynamics withreal-time 3-D weather maps of temperature, humidity and windvelocity, along with typhoon and hurricane tracking. The app isavailable in the iTunes App Store at a cost of $0.99.
Click Here to Visit iTunes App Store
Encourage Critical Thinking and Questioning
Throughengaging interactions and gameplay geared toward learning, Ansel& Clair’s Adventures in Africa(for children aged 4 to 10) is designed to leverage the multisensoryexperience of the iPad.The original characters—Ansel, a friendly intergalactic travelphotographer from the planet Virtoos, and Clair, a brilliantVirtoosian robot—explore three interactive locales: Nile Valley,Sahara Desert and Serengeti Plains. The app encourages children tothink and inquire through Ansel’s critical questioning. It isavailable for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.
Click Here to Visit iTunes App Store
Explore the World While Spreading Friendship
Intendedfor children aged 4 and up, Kiwiand Pear’s World Adventureis an interactivestorybookthat follows two adventurous monkeys who travel and explore the worldwhile spreading love, friendship and smiles to everyone andeverything they meet. No adventure is too great for these intrepidlittle monkeys. They have climbed the Great Wall, hiked the Andes,sailed the Nile ... they have even been to outer space! Kiwi iscurious, fun loving and silly, while Pear is good-natured, sensibleand mellow—and both are happiest when they’re together.Accompanying the interactive storybook are three minigamesto help children learn basic geography. The appis available for the iPhoneat $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.
Click Here to Visit iTunes App Store
Take a Seat in the Oval Office
Doyour students know which president the Teddy Bear is named after? Orwhich president got stuck in a White House bathtub? Students canlearn everything they ever wanted to know about the Americanpresidency with DisneyPublishing’s newiPadappDisneyAmerican Presidents: Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook.Developed by the Disney Learning team together with a producer fromThe Daily Showand Colbert Report,the app features more than two hours of hilarious—and historicallyaccurate—presidential profiles for each of the 44 USpresidents—from George Washington to Barack Obama. Each presidentreceives his own spread, with interactive elements linked to keydecisions, notable characteristics and historical legacy.Era-specific descriptions, music, art styles and references helpbring each historical time period to life. Aligned with nationalsocial studies curriculum standards for grades 3–8, the app offersa historical journey—from homesteading to civil rights to trustbusting—exploring many of the themes of the 2012 election. The appis available for $3.99 in the iTunes App Store.
Click Here to Visit iTunes App Store
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Professional Development Opportunities

Use Primary Sources in Addressing CCSS
TheNational HumanitiesCenter’s Americain Class onlineseminars focus onteaching with primary sources—historical documents, literary texts,visual images and audio material. Emphasizing critical analysis andclose reading, the seminars address the skills of the Common CoreState Standards while giving teachers the opportunity to deepen theircontent knowledge. The center draws texts from a variety of sourcesand attempts to select fresh material that will invigorate classroominstruction. The National Humanities Center’s programs are eligiblefor recertification credit. Each seminar includes 90 minutes ofinstruction plus approximately three hours of preparation. Becausethe seminars are conducted online, they may qualify for technologycredit in districts that award it. View the Fall 2012 scheduleonline. The cost is $35.00 per online seminar, with special pricingavailable. The seminar texts are provided freeonline.
Click Here for More Information
Provide Growth Opportunities for STEM Educators
Mathfor America (MfA) isa nonprofit organization with a mission to improve mathematics andscience education in US public secondary schools by building a corpsof outstanding STEM teachers and leaders. With nearly 600 corpsmembers across its programs, MfA operates in Berkeley, Boston, LosAngeles, New York City, San Diego, Utah and Washington, D.C. MfArewards and supports new and experienced teachers and school leadersthrough fellowship programs, including the MfAFellowship, whichaims to increase the number of mathematically talented individualsentering the teaching profession; the MfAEarly Career Fellowship,which provides growth opportunities to new mathematics teachers; theMfA Master TeacherFellowship, whichrewards outstanding experienced mathematics and science teachers; andthe MfASchool LeaderFellowship, whichsupports administrators with a mathematics background.
Click Here for More Information
Translate a Vision of 21st Century Education into Practice
ASCD,in partnership with the Consortiumfor School Networking(CoSN), offers a PDOnline coursetitled From Visionto Action: The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Plan.The course provides educators with the tools and concepts needed todevelop a vision of 21st century education in their school ordistrict and translate it into actionable practice. Each module ofthe course contains readings, videos or presentations conveying thecourse’s objectives. The modules also contain "Check forUnderstanding” questions, which provide immediate feedback onlearning, and an application exercise that offers opportunities towork with and practice the concepts and skills taught in the course.In addition, each module contains customizable tools that may bedownloaded. The cost of the course is $99 for both ASCD members andnonmembers.
Click Here for More Information
Share Your Expertise with Other Educators
Most web-savvyindividuals have heard of Reddit, but many may not be familiar withthe University of Reddit, which offers educators the chance toshare their expertise through class lectures and videos with otherson the web. Currently, the site is home to educational materials inart, computer science, general studies, language, mathematics andstatistics, music, philosophy, science, social sciences andtechnology. If a topic isn’t covered, learners are welcome to addtheir own educational content.
Click Here for More Information
Join a Professional Learning Community with Webinars
Overthe past year, edWebhas hosted more than 100 webinarson topics for professional development, including game-basedlearning, mobile learning, Common Core Standards, autism, technology,e-books, new teacher help, blended learning, and more. All edWebwebinars are archived in edWeb’s professional learning communities.Join a community, watch the webinar recordings, take the CE quiz, andyou’ll receive a certificate for participation. As a member of anedWeb community, you’ll be invited to future, freewebinars and will have the opportunity to connect with peers for ahighly engaging and interactive webinar with edWeb’s expertpresenters.
Click Here to Join edWeb Communities
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"Worth-the-Surf” Websites

Keep Track of Policies Affecting Education Technology
Launchedin October 2012, the State EducationPolicy Center (SEPC) is a databaseof state policies related toeducation and technology curated by the StateEducational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)and its membership. SEPC is intended to help policymakers,researchers, corporate and philanthropic investors and educators keeptrack of developments in state-level policy directly affecting therealm of educational technology. As policies and practices evolveover time, these changes will be reflected in SEPC. In all cases,content will be verified and maintained by SETDA and its members. Inaddition to background information on each state, at launch SEPCfocused on three topics: K–12 broadband policy and practice, onlinestudent assessment (formative and summative) policy and practice, andinstructional materials policy and practice (with an emphasis ondigital and open content). There are two primary ways to navigatearound SEPC: by state and by topic. Within a topic, you can selectsubtopics for further information on the selected state, download theinformation for that state and/or flag an entry for furtherinvestigation by SETDA if you believe any posted information isincorrect or not up to date.
Click Here to Visit Website
Let Your Students Do the Teaching
Studentscan get firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a teacher througha project in which they create video tutorials and teach concepts totheir peers. The web platform, called the UpsideDown Academy, was part of a pilotprogram in which the Khan Academy model was used as the inspirationfor a project-based curriculum.By turning the school paradigm upside, students have opportunities toexplore teaching and learning in a new and remixed way. Central tothe vision is for students to publicly share their own understanding,thus fostering authentic dialogue about what they learned. Theprocess that students go through begins and ends with reflection.
Click Here to Visit Website
Connect Your Classroom to the World
Skype in theclassroom is a free service that provides resources andtools for teachers to use in their classrooms. The service includesmore than 2,000 projects from Skype in the classroom partnersand other teachers. The projects are categorized by subject andstudent age group. Projects recently added to the service includeNASA’s Digital Learning Center, which providesopportunities for students to learn how to prepare a space vehiclefor liftoff, help scientists and engineers explore the basicprinciples of matter, design their own spacesuit mission patch,discover what it’s like to live and work in space and learn thebasics of robotics. The National Museum of the Royal Navyprovides minitours of the ship HMS Victory, from AdmiralNelson’s cabin to the quarterdeck, and lets students see and discussartifacts related to the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The BritishCouncil has created opportunities for students in developingcountries to interact with students in the rest of the world. AndChoose2Matter asks schools and teachers to share examples ofcreative ways of learning with one another. New projects add toexisting Skype in the classroom projects from Penguin Books, ScienceMuseum London, Microsoft, New York Philharmonic, Peace One DayEducation, VerbalizeIt and more. Teachers can find additionalinformation and sign up for Skype in the classroom for free onSkype’s education website.
Click Here to Visit Website
Critique and Construct Historical Narratives
Historical ThinkingMatters features four historical thinking investigationsthrough which students learn about the Spanish-American War,the Scopes Trial, Rosa Parks and Social Security.Each of the investigations provides students with backgroundinformation in the forms of video, images, audio and text (bothprimary and secondary sources). As they progress through theinvestigations, students use the Historical Thinking Matters studentnotebook to answer guiding questions and take notes. At the end of aninvestigation, students write a short essay forming reasonableconclusions about the past and email their work, including the notesfrom their notebooks, directly to their teachers. Resources forinstructors, preservice teachers and teacher-educators includeclassroom materials and strategies, examples of student and teacherwork, and supplementary sources.
Click Here to Visit Website
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