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Amazing Book for Young Adults
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9/22/2009 at 1:14:38 PM GMT
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Amazing Book for Young Adults
LIVING DEAD GIRL is an amazing book that is written for Young Adults. I include this book in the psychology project that Joe Allen and I collaborate on. I read this book as an advance review copy and was blown away. Upon finishing the book, we learned of Shawn Hornbeck's rescue. I heard several students say things such as, "I wouldn't have let anyone keep me! I would have got out of there!" or "Why didn't he just tell the cops?" and on and on. Well, LIVING DEAD GIRL pretty much tells WHY someone/ a child - perhaps even an adult - cannot save him/herself. That's why this book is so good to use with psychology classes and health classes and even social issues at the high school level.
Very powerful book from the victim's point of view. Elizabeth Scott captured the horror, the pain, and the total sense of helplessness of victims of abduction.
Yes it's painful to read. Yes it's horrible. Yes, it causes one to want to take a shower after reading it. But isn't that what outstanding writing is suppose to do? Make us feel! Make us think! And provide an opportunity for discussions and dialogues.
Maggie Newbold, Librarian

1/29/2010 at 1:45:34 PM GMT
Living Dead Girl
Curtis Clark sent me the following link to another reviewer's thoughts:

Maggie Newbold
MASL Past President 2010-2011

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2/21/2011 at 3:49:01 PM GMT
I can't keep this book on the shelf! 

Stacey Conrad
Palmyra, MO

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